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GP Tecnica

GP Tecnica operates in the sheet metal cold stamping sector and specializes in the construction of deep drawing dies for bodywork components and automotive exhaust systems.

GP Tecnica is a manufacturing company that has evolved over time. At the beginning of the activity the company dealt exclusively with the construction of molds, towards a single customer. Over the years, the automotive market has undergone an important evolution: the large companies headed by FIAT have abandoned the activity of mold construction and at the same time reduced their entire structure, all skills that have been transferred to their suppliers , including the Technical GP. These transformations have made it necessary to strengthen the various corporate departments: from design to engineering, up to the mold construction methods. As a result, the equipment workers increased from four to twenty-two, including the new professional figures that once did not exist in the company. In addition to internal production capacity, GP Tecnica collaborates with at least five partner companies in Turkey and several in Piedmont.
G.P.TECNICA today:
Baldichieri - 5,000 m2 of covered area and 6,500 m2 of uncovered area;
Cantarana - 5,000 of covered area and 5,000 m2 of uncovered area;
Monale - 2,000 m2 of covered area.

Products and Services

G.P. Tecnica produces molds and pressed sheet metal elements for frames / bodies and exhaust systems in the automotive field.

The production varies from the paneling to the brackets including frames, crosspieces, bulkheads etc. including final spot-welding operations. Particular experience on deep drawing and molding of unconventional materials such as aluminum and titanium.

GP Tecnica provides customers with a 360-degree service: design, co-design, mold construction, mold testing, molding, sub-assembly assembly. In the construction of molds, when an entry is made by the client and approval is obtained, our work could be considered finished. Our company is available for any changes. We are currently making changes to a mold built about two years ago.

The technologies present in the toolroom allow our company to build large molds: 6.000×2.400×1.200 mm. In the workshop there are also a 1,200 t mold test press with a tilting table and a pull-out table and an 800 t mechanical press equipped with transfer.

Research and development in the foreground

In order to remain competitive on the market, GP Tecnica’s corporate philosophy is to constantly guarantee greater quality for its products; in this sense, research and development is fundamental.

Currently the company is working on new aluminum hot stamping technologies in collaboration with various Polytechnics, since cold forming imposes practical limits on obtainable elongations, also depending on the type of alloy used.

Still on the subject of research, GP Tecnica has developed a new technology related to flute beaks, which are the protuberances that hold the seal of a car door.

  • Deep molding
  • Metal stamping
  • Cold lead molding
  • Titanium and aluminum molding
  • Sheets
  • Aluminized sheets
  • Aluminum sheets
  • Aluminum
  • Radiopharmaceutical containers
  • Molds for cold deformation of sheet metal
  • Motorcycle molds
  • Molds for the automotive sector
  • Clamps
  • Mold making
  • Mold design