Core Business: Prestige Machines

Through the years, GP Tecnica has gained important, combining excellent results and potential with a great ease of use., such as BMW, Alfa Romeo, Daimler, Aston Martin, Jeep, Lancia, FCA, Mercedes-AMG, Ferrari, Samsung, McLaren Automotive and Maserati

Working with the excellence, as far as the automotive field is concerned, requires the ability to manage a series of challenges which turn out be very different, with respect to the ones encountered when dealing with the production of dies and/or parts for high production vehicles. As a general rule, for low production vehicles, only forming dies are employed: all the cutting operations are performed by a laser cutting system. In this condition, a co-design activity with the customer becomes relevant in order to achieve the final result, especially in all the situations in which critical issues and non-feasibility problems are encountered. 

To be able to manage the design of different types of dies and tooling, it is necessary to use an extremely reliable solution. For more than 10 years, GP Tecnica has relied with positive feedback on Vero Solutions’ softwares, namely the VISI CAD / CAM system, integrating CAD and CAM in a single environment; VISI is a software expressely developed for the die production industry, combining excellent results and potential with a great ease of use.